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“Everything is a thing” shares how I re-examined my own values, embraced my true self and found all the support I needed within my community. My hope is to help others feel grounded and accepting of who they are, which will strengthen their existing relationships.

2 years ago, my friends and I were all approaching our 40th birthday, and the one complaint I heard more than any other was that people weren’t where they thought they would be in life.

Some people thought they would be further along in their career (or in a different career altogether) or that they would be married, own a property (or two properties) have less debt, have older children and so on.

I had many of those feelings myself, but a part of me also wondered - where did those expectations come from?

Are they mine based on my values and principles and what is important to me at this time, or are they based on the sitcoms I watched in the 80s, my parents expectations, my colleagues, and the people on social media talking about how great life is?

And if they aren’t mine - have I even given any thought to what my values and principles are at this point in life?

Was I simply living my life according to the expectations of others?

When I began to wonder these things, I decided to explore this more for myself. Where did my values and beliefs come from? Which ones do I want to hold onto and which did I want to let go of? Who do I want to be? And the answer - me! I wanted to live in a way where I could express my values and interests, and have a supportive community who accepted me for being that person.

On this journey, I discovered how to live that way with vulnerability and authenticity, how that encourages others to do the same and how to build true and meaningful relationships while doing this. This book is about this journey, and what I learned along the way. That every thought, desire and dream I have is valid. And I am here to encourage you to do the same, reveal your true and authentic self, and build relationships with people who celebrate you.

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